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Sharing space and ideas

August 26, 2009

Sew Aiken has been asked to share meeting space during the next meeting on September 5th. Since projects for that day don't require sewing machines please leave yours at home, we just won't have the room.

Visit the Current Projects page to see the small list of supplies for the teacup pincushion and the felt needle book. And I mean a small list! If you bring nothing but a teacup and a few pieces of felt you can do both projects.

There will be a lot of handouts this time in recognition of National Sewing Month. This meeting will be a good time to share sewing tips and techniques, future projects, and design ideas.

A BIG welcome to our newest possible members
Kenna and Faith! Hope to see you at our next meeting!


Sewing Through the Ages

July 13, 2009
What a great diversity of ages we have in our group. We had a first time seamstress, N'Kyesha, and hope she will come back to learn more. I (Athena) had a blast and hope everyone else did too. Can't wait for the next meeting on August 1st, when we will make things out of bandanas. You can see project details on our Current Projects page.

The aprons were fun, everyone had such different fabrics and ideas. Lynna finished her apron during the meeting and everyone else got really good starts. When...

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Things we Learned

June 22, 2009
Things we learned at the first Sew Aiken meeting: The tables will bounce your sewing machine if you go too fast. There are only two electric outlets in the meeting room, if you have an extension cord you might want to bring it if you plan to plug in your sewing machine. If there is trail mix in the room Savana will try to consume it all. Don't bring more than you can carry in one trip up the stairs or elevator.

Since it was only Savana, Alexis, and I (Athena) we didn't do any Sew Aiken project...
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June 19, 2009
We are finally listed on BurdaStyle's sewing club page. It might be too late for the first meeting, but hopefully we'll get a few Burda buddies for the next meeting.

BurdaStyle Sewing Club

BurdaStyle is a great site to prowl for inspiration and free patterns. I (Athena) am a sucker for a patternless pattern and they have members posting them all the time. Like this awesome top/dress. And they have a sewpedia.

I would like to have a page on our site listing our favorite online and brick stores, s...
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Agenda for first meeting.

May 26, 2009

Topics to discuss.

What we want to use the Sew Aiken club for.

How often, when, and where to meet.

This website and if it will be useful.

Details about Sew Aiken's 1st community project.

Choose group project for next meeting.

What to bring.


There is going to be a scrap swap. If you have 1 yard or less of fabric left over from a project or some material you will just never use bring it in and swap for another scrap.

Similar to the scrap swap will be the pattern pass. Bring in any patterns you d...
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First Post for Sew Aiken

May 22, 2009

First meeting of the Sew Aiken Club will be June 20th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Aiken County Public Library meeting room.

Patently waiting for the packet, approval, and listing from BurdaStyle. Lots of ideas for future projects. Might have to get started on that page right away. Definitely have two members to date, myself (Athena) and my daughter. LOL Agenda for the first meeting will be posted when I make one soon. Thanks for visiting, leave a comment, and come sew with us!

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